Trying a Sunburst Part

So for the past 2 weeks Kae has been wearing ponytails.  (Yeah i know I have been slacking)  But this past Sunday, I wanted to try something different with her ponytails.  Usually Kae’s ponytails are square or rectangular shaped.  Well the style I ‘accidentally’ came up with the sunburst style.  I say accidentally because I didn’t realize what I had done til after the fact!  You notice that the style is not 100% like these styles by Intermittent Babbling and Untrained Hair Mom.

Anyways check out what I came up with and let me know you think 🙂

Trying a Sunburst Part

Trying a Sunburst Part Trying a Sunburst Part

Thanks for your support!

Til next time
Tracey <3