NO….I will not perm hair!!!!! PERIOD

NO....I will not perm hair!!!!! PERIOD

I am preparing for my emergence back into the workforce.  Oh course this means interviews and being more professional!  I have been asked a lot…..”well what are you going to do with hair?” OR “you can’t wear your hair like that to an interview or to work!”  And Lord some one even suggested I get a permed (what the fo sheezy!!!!)   Ok so y’all already know I am not doing any of the above!

I try my best to express that my hair in its natural state CAN be professional! I may not have found the style!  But trust and believe I have more then enough sense not to go to work rocking my mane like I would if I was going to the mall, or the club, or to hang out with my friends and family

But on a more important note I think that it is more important that people understand how hair makes me feel!  I think that it is an conceived notion that I chose to go natural because that is what everyone else is doing!  And really that is not the case.  My mom always says “but you hair was so beautiful, why would you cute it?”  I tell that while I had beautiful hair, my hair was not living up to its full potential!  I wanted healthier hair.  I try to urge to make the same transition but she is NOT having that.

Anyways through my transition of becoming natural I became more confident and accepting of myself in my natural state!  Let’s be honest going from hair on my shoulder to less then an inch of hair is a hard transition.  I mean really I have become more confident PERIOD; self esteem has exploded!  In addition I learned a lot about healthier products for your both my hair and my body!  My new found confidence is allowing me to be the person I always knew I was!

Anyways, I guess I just wanted to VENT…