How to Prevent Cradle Cap in Babies

How to Prevent Cradle Cap in Babies

Cradle cap is a kind of dandruff cap that mainly occurs on the newborn baby’s scalp. It leads to a lot of itchiness and makes them feel uncomfortable, and most of the time, it’s so dry that babies can’t even feel it. It’s of the same kind in all the babies, but it depends on how they feel as per their scalp texture. If parents want their babies to get rid of this problem, then they can prefer to use baby shampoo for cradle cap.

Basically, it is a common dryness on the scalp of infants, its name is seborrheic dermatitis. This problem leads to the rough and patchy scalp and also makes the scalp flaky. Shampoos are of different types, but usually different shampoos are for different purposes so you can use accordingly. For babies, the shampoos are very mild and gentle and don’t include any chemicals or hard ingredients. Always remember before buying shampoo, you should check all the entire ingredients so that your baby won’t face any problem.

If you want to know about various measures that can help your baby get rid of this problem, then pay attention to the information given below. It will help you to know how you can make your babies comfortable and relax.

Shampoo Regularly

When you get the responsibilities of a newborn baby, then always try to give your best to treat him/her well. You should mainly take care of their scalp because newborn babies have a problem of dry skin, which leads to dryness. It’s essential to take care of their scalp, and for that, you can prefer to use Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap, which can help them to feel relax. At the start, you have to shampoo on a regular basis, and when you think they are getting rid of it, then you can reduce the process.

How to get rid of Cradle Cap in Toddlers?

Always make sure that you are using a soft and gentle shampoo for your babies so that they won’t face any problem. The skin of the toddlers is very sensitive, and hard shampoo can damage their scalp more. When you shampoo the scalp, then you should try to do that with soft hands so that you won’t harm the scalp. Regular shampoo can be considered as a bad thing, but for babies, with cradle cap, it is the best way to make them feel good.

Brush Your Baby’s Scalp

If you want to remove the harsh build-up from your baby’s scalp, then you can prefer to brush the scalp. It is the best way to make your baby relaxed even when they are not able to express. Proper care of toddlers is a must so that they will stay happy and can affect their life in a good way. You will able to get a baby brush from the market as per the baby’s need because there are different brushes for different purposes.

It’s a good idea to brush, and you need to roughly brush for 30 to 60 minutes as it can help your baby to remove all the dry skin from the scalp. You have to brush gently so that your baby won’t get more scratches and gets a harsh feeling. Never brush without applying shampoo or oil; if you do so, then it can peel off the scalp of a toddler. Brushing can be done in different ways, but for different aged people, there are different styles, and for toddlers, you should prefer a gentle brushing.

How to get rid of Cradle Cap in Toddlers?

Apply Oil

Applying oil is the best way to make your baby relax from the dry skin or a cradle cap. There are specific oils for babies available such as mineral oil and baby oil, which are specially made with gentle ingredients. After applying oil, gently massage the scalp of the baby for a few minutes, which helps to soften the scalp and helps to remove dryness. You can also prefer to apply olive oil as it has natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

After doing all the oiling process then you should prefer to wash baby’s head with the Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap. It can help to remove the oil as well as also helps to provide some nourishment to the scalp. Oils are the best way to make your baby gets rid of harsh or dry skin, so try to use the best ever oils and shampoos. There are many other oils available apart from the three mentioned above, which you can opt for your baby’s scalp.

How to get rid of Cradle Cap in Toddlers?

If All Else Fails

If everything mentioned above gets failed, then you should prefer to see a doctor who can help you by providing some solution. And you can opt for the antifungal shampoo, which can be prescribed by the Ramien.  There is the best cream called Ketoconazole, which is considered for the fast recovery of the scalp from dryness or cradle cap. It’s vital to have knowledge about this scream as it is an anti-inflammatory cream with a combination of yeast cream.

You can prefer this cream at the last when the natural things don’t work or don’t’ show any good result because it’s a must to treat your baby’s scalp so that they can have a relaxed life without any dryness problem which they can’t even express. You have to understand your baby’s feelings on your own because they are so small that they can’t tell you. If your baby is not bothered with the cradle cap, then they can naturally get rid of this problem within 8 to 12 months.


Most of the parents are worried about the problem of cradle cap on their toddler’s head. But with the help of the above information, they can know how they can make their baby get rid of this problem. And always remember to use the Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap so that your baby won’t get infected after using a shampoo. Try to use the above ways to help your baby to have a happy life from their childhood.