Guide to Choosing a Baby Carrier

Guide to Choosing a Baby Carrier

Your house has a baby that needs to be held, held? So choosing what kind of good baby products like baby milk, baby porridge pot, baby stroller, or the baby carrier will make your headache.

Many parents say that the baby carrier is their favorite baby product. Because it helps rest your arms, especially since it is very useful in crowded spaces like airports or supermarkets. It’s also great to use if you love hiking and want to take your kids along.

However, shopping for a baby carrier is not as simple as using it. Here I’m going to share the experiences in choosing the best baby carrier for petite moms especially. Along with the most suitable baby carrier for infants under 2 years old. This information given below will be very useful for you to pick the best option among baby carriers. Are you ready to explore?

What is a baby carrier?

A baby carrier is a baby product from birth to under 2 years old (before a toddler), designed to assist the user. It supports their baby on a hip, 2, or 1 shoulder instead of holding.

What are the uses of a baby carrier?

Convenient in taking care of the baby, both able to work and look after the baby.
It is easier and more comfortable to hold your baby while out.
A baby carrier will be convenient for the mother, bring a feeling of closeness and warmth to the baby.
A baby carrier can help babies develop better because they always hear their mother talk.
The current baby carrier design is smart and convenient to help your baby avoid outside influences.
However, if you choose an inappropriate carrier and misuse it, it can also cause problems for your child. Choosing what kind of baby carrier is good, but the way you use it correctly will be safe for the baby, surely it’s good.

Guide to Choosing a Baby Carrier

Types of baby carriers

Baby carriers are versatile and comfortable, not only for babies and for moms. There are so many types of baby carriers, one among which is the best carrier for petite moms.

As they are normally thin and short, they require a specially designed carrier that can be used even if it’s shared by other than petite moms. Let’s discuss some types of baby carriers.

Carry your baby in a bag

Exactly this is a carrier that gets primarily intended for infants under 9 months, designed especially with soft, breathable, no-padded material safe for babies. Besides keeping your baby’s spine in place while you move, this carrier also provides great help when you breastfeed.

We can extend the carrier to fit the baby’s body. As the baby grows the size of the baby changes in the first few months of life. So you can customize the head and neck support for your baby.

Hold your baby in a hammock

An aspiration carrier is a carrier made usually of cotton or soft cotton. This carrier will also be available with a padded or padded type. The hammock comprises sturdy cloth and an adjustable sizing belt placed around the head and worn over one shoulder.

This carrier is also perfect for babies. The downside to this baby carrier, however, is that the mother may experience fatigue and shoulder pain. So you will switch to roles constantly.

Carry your baby in a backpack

Baby carry backpack is the most popular and diverse product line today. Specialists recommend them for children who can sit up or have good head and neck control.

Manufacturers design the product to fit different body types because the straps can expand or narrow depending on the user’s body size. In particular, you can carry the baby facing forward, facing the side or in a lying style in case, your baby suddenly falls asleep on a long trip with the family.

The criteria for choosing the best baby carrier


Under normal living and baby care conditions, you might think a baby carrier is an unnecessary product. However, it will be most effective every time you travel, go to the supermarket, or go for a walk in the park, especially when your baby cannot walk and is not cooperating in a stroller.

You don’t want one hand to hold your baby and one hand to fiddle with the luggage while at the airport, right? And no one wants to hold a child with one hand to choose things in the supermarket. Holding a baby for a long time not only causes pain in your hand but also makes the baby uncomfortable because of the cramp.

So now is the time to decide what baby carrier you want to use? What kind of baby carrier is right for your child’s age? And what kind of carrier can you use from baby to old?

Choose a baby carrier according to age

For babies under 6 months old, you require the best carrier that protects and supports the baby. Because this time the skeletal system is in the development stage and is still very weak. Therefore, the carriers made of soft fabric, with sturdy straps, are a top priority.

Bag and hammock types will be excellent choices to help support the head and neck. However, your baby will most likely grow faster between the ages of 6-12 months, so think twice about how long you plan to use the carrier before deciding which one to buy.

Choose baby carrier according to height and weight

The choice of the baby carrier not only depends on the age but also depends on the height and weight of the baby.

In the first stage, a child’s height or weight changes from day to day. Meanwhile, not all carriers are suitable for use by every baby. So when choosing to buy baby carriers, choose products with simple, solid, and safe designs. And it’s better to choose carriers that can size to fit your baby’s body.

Usually, on the manufacturer’s product manual they specify the parameters so carefully check the information before buying. Avoid buying carriers that are not suitable for height or weight, which can make your baby uncomfortable, and it also affects the baby’s skeletal development.

Guide to Choosing a Baby Carrier

Safety and comfort

The most important factor to consider carefully here is the safety of the baby. In it, you need to check the stitches along the critical seams where the strap or zipper attach. How is the quality of the belt? The quality of the screws, the adjustable slide, is it good? How do these details stand the test of time, with repeated wear and tear?

Besides, consider the breathable, soft fabric, the support of the head, neck, and spine to create the best comfort for the child to use.

Easy to use and clean

You need a product easy to clean, right? Remember that children may pee or vomit and your hands may get dirty while washing them repeatedly. It may not be a good option. Therefore, baby carriers are easy to clean, especially with a washing machine, which will be very convenient for you.


This article shares the best experience in choosing the best baby carrier for children under 2 years old. Hopefully, you will find a carrier that best suits your needs even if you are thinner than normal. Choose the best baby carrier for petite moms. Check out the best that suits your child’s age and condition.

If you have any difficulty with shopping or need help, please leave a comment, I will reply soon. Did you find this content helpful? Please like and share to support yourself, motivated to write more posts to share.