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Sunday, I did some cute little two strand twists on Lea’s hair.  Well by Wednesday her hair was a wreck (not really), but it was quite fuzzy!  This is probably because she never goes the entire night with her durag on.  And she like to twirl her hair around her fingers.

Anyways I decided that I would take out her twists and give her a quick protective style that I knew would last the entire week.  I first stated by taking the twist out.  I then sprayed her hair with lots of water to I could detangle her hair.  I also added some shea moisture style milk.  After detangling, I parted her hair in the front from ear to ear.  In the front portion I gave her 6 braids that ended in twist.  In the back portion I have her 6 more braids going to the side.  I took the ends of all the braids and used an ouchless band to put her hair in a ponytail and I tuck the ends!

I was pretty pleased with the final result; especially since I did not plan the style.
Check it out and you be the judge!

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